Upcoming BWM Fiesta - 9, 10, 16, 17 December

Getting Ready for BWM Fiesta


For the upcoming BWM Fiesta exhibition happening on 9, 10, 16, 17 December, the organizing committee and New Media Team have been engaging in discussions to align and confirm all details. Although everyone has been busy, once the thought of the exhibition will be benefitting the public, fostering family bondage and racial harmony, all would put in their efforts and time to complete the necessary tasks. 

It is hoped that the exhibition will turn out to be really exciting and warm through everyone’s dedicated support. 

Everyone is cordially invited to attend the activities that have been specially put together for all of you. Do also register for your own auspicious card where not only will you be able to receive the latest activities updates, but also auspicious gifts too! So many goodies not to be missed! 

For more information, visit: https://bwmonastery.org.sg/bwm-fiesta



为了迎接来临12月 9、10、16、17日进行的 “吉祥文艺展”,筹备委员及官网组正如火如荼地进行讨论、整合、协调。大家虽然忙得不可开交,可是一旦想到展览会能让大众受益,在欣赏多元化文化艺术作品时,又能促进家人和谐的育教娱乐活动,大家都很愿意投入时间和精力去完成。




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