BW Monastery MRD 28 Oct 2017


The Insightful Praise choir started the ceremony by singing the refuge-taking hymns, which had the procession of Abbot, Sangha & management committee entering the Hall of Jewels on level 4. 

BW Monastery Venerable Bensi then gave a discourse on the purpose for today's auspicious ceremony to remember our Master. We recollected how difficult it is to meet the Dharma and teacher, who taught us to plant the virtuous causes for our benefits and for others. Without the Lamrim taught by Master, we would not know the meritorious method to enable us to walk the path to Buddhahood. 

A video titled, "Our Life Vow”, was screened where it detailed the monastery’s events since its opening in August 2017. 

The masses then learnt about Master Jih-Chang’s life, especially on his practice of relying on his Teachers, through a documented video. 

As Master had guided and led  all of us up the path to enlightenment, there has been another of “A Happy Family” developed, where a story about a Hu family,  comprising of 3 generations are studying the Lamrim, as members of the monastery. The uncle and 2 grandchildren in the video appeared live after that, where they further shared how the Lamrim studies have benefitted themselves and their family greatly, all because of Master. With the gratitude in mind, everyone sang “All that you are” to recollect the kindness of the Triple Gem and Master. 

Next is a video titled, "Happy Group", where it captured virtuous friends learning the happy recipe to Buddhahood together. Representatives from all 4 different area zones of BW monastery in Singapore then came together and sang "Virtuous Friends". All attendees also witnessed how the Dharma has been propagating in Singapore through the new generation of students through the video. . 

We all then joined hands and sang another wonderful Insightful Praise  - “Hold on to my hands tightly“, to rekindle ourselves to never let go of the hands of our teacher and Triple Gem. 


Venerable Jing Yuan then gave a discourse, reminding us that no matter where we are in the world, our karma is the same as we have followed Master to learn Lamrim. During this period of degeneration, yet we are still able to meet Master to learn and establish the teachings is not an easy feat. We shall continue to place our aspiration on the highest point. Therefore, learning how to make our dedication and aspiration for the ultimate goal is of utmost importance. 


Next item was the highlight of today's event, to show the unity of all and continue to join Master in spreading the Dharma. The whole congregation pulled long colorful banners printed with all students' palm prints , symbolising we are forever connected to Master via learning Master Tsong-Kha-Pa’s teachings. Everyone recited our firm aspiration to learn, apply and propagate the teachings of Master Tsong-Kha-Pa. Furthermore, applying what Master had taught us in Lamrim would be the greatest gratitude we can repay our Master.

The ceremony ended with every student reciting the grand dedication to Master Tsong-Kha-Pa joyously, which strongly reaffirmed our aspiration to follow Master's footsteps life after life!