Sri Lankan Sangha Leader’s Visit to BW Monastery

Today at 10am, Sri Lankan Sangha Leader, Venerable Tibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thero, and 4 Elders were warmly and joyously welcomed to BW monastery by the Monastery Sangha, victory banner group and more than 700 attendees. 

Representing both the BW Monastery Sangha and laity, Venerable Bensi made offerings to the great Sangha Leader and 4 Elders, in gratitude of the blessings and discourse given. Venerable Tibbatuwawe mentioned that, whether we are learning Buddhism under the southern, northern or Tibetan tradition, it is all Buddha’s teachings and we are all disciples of the Buddha. Thus, we should never alienate ourselves but harmoniously come together to propagate the Dharma. 

Venerable Bensi then presented a Dharma wheel that was framed as a portrait to the Sangha Leader, and in return, he gifted a Buddha statue and a stupa, which both represented propagating the Buddha’s teachings in togetherness, and may the Dharma Wheel turns continuously for the pure Dharma to flourish in all direction. 

After lunch, the Sangha Leader and the Elders returned to the main shrine hall to receive offerings from all devotees, and gave their further blessings. The masses recited the refuge-taking verses sincerely and respectfully, while making their offerings. The entire process was peaceful and solemn. 


As Venerable Tibbatuwawe saw that everyone was upholding their speech and actions mindfully, he praised that it was the proper behavior as Buddhists, and also a wonderful reflection of the teachings and guidance by our lineage masters and teachers. 

We are truly grateful to the Sangha Leader and Elders’ compassionate deliverance, which allowed everyone to accumulate virtues and merits that are equivalent to precious jewels.

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