Faults that are equivalent to disrespecting the Buddha

佛说济诸方等学经:[若有比丘奉方等教、宣方等藏,故发道心,反更兴心诽谤法师,则为诽谤诸佛经典,甚怀慢恣求其瑕缺。佛不谓此得至究竟尽生死源,是等之类必堕地狱。所以者何?若有求取法师短者,则为慊佛、患厌经法;其轻法师则不敬佛。若不欲覩于法师者,其人则为不欲见佛;若毁法师,为毁诸佛。若兴害心念初发意菩萨恶者,从其发心害意,诸无数劫若干劫失其道意;以其恶眼视菩萨数,更若干世世世生盲;从本字数口宣诽谤说法师恶,更若干劫瘖痖无舌。 」

The Buddha expounded the Sarvavaidalyasaṃgraha Sutra:  If Bhikshu in the Sangha community supports other religion or teachings and proclaim other scriptures while training on the path, and ends up arising greater intention in defaming venerables, this is equivalent to slandering all the Buddhas teachings, conceived as abandoning the teachings, and seeking to increase all their faults. This is the not the cause for Buddha’s final attainment and ending the cause of cyclic existence, but they would definitely fall into the miserable realms. So what would happen? Those who see faults in the venerables are like reviling the Buddhas, and would suffer from loathing the sutras and teachings.  Those who despise the venerables are comparable to disrespecting Buddhas. Those who dislike seeing the venerables, will also not arise joy when seeing the Buddhas. Those who defame the venerables are equivalent to defaming the Buddha. If anyone with nonvirtuous thoughts stops or harm the practicing Bodhisattvas (from benefitting sentient beings), it will result in not being able to meet the Dharma path for limitless eons. If one views the Bodhisattva in a nonvirtuous manner, one will be born blind life after life. If anyone verbally or through written words slanders any venerable, one will be born mute, without tongue for limitless eons.

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