【Listening 听闻 】What should be done during the actual session of hearing? 正式听闻时应怎么做?

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【LISTENING】 – What should be done during the actual session of hearing?

[listen without the afflictions [of arrogance and contempt] and without bringing to mind the five conditions of an instructor. ]

The key for a clear mind is that it has to be pure, respectful, and focused, which should not be contaminated. These afflictions will be explained later. Also, [I] specifically point out that these perceptions should not be formed in our minds. Do not bring to mind the five conditions of the instructor. These are all ways of paying improper attention in our minds. Paying improper attention will deliver us to the miserable realms. Paying attention properly will lead us to liberation and benefiting others. Well then, what is the affliction? Below, it is divided into two parts.

[Being free from arrogance means to listen with the following six attributes: (1) listening at an appropriate time, (2) showing homage, (3) showing deference, (4) not being resentful, (5) practicing according to the instructor’s words, and (6) not looking for the chance to argue. ]


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日常师父法语📡10A 25’14” 手抄稿第2册P51 L4

听闻 : 正式听闻时应怎么做?