Joyous Children Camp

Overburdened with studies, homework, and high expectations from parents and teachers, are children happy in today’s world? Are video games and mobile phones their only sanctuary for happiness? 

Where can children spend their weekend or school holidays? Come join us for Sunday Joyous Children Camp at BW Monastery in Woodlands!

This camp is designed specifically for children aged 5 to 12 and participation is free-of-charge, from 9.30-11.00am on scheduled Sundays (total of 6 lessons). While children are in class, parents may take part in the Auspicious Puja at the main shrine hall at BW Monastery.

Conducted by caring volunteer teachers, classes include music coupled with interesting dance moves to occupy children physically. There will be fun games played and through this, children meet new friends and learn how to interact with people. 

To expand on their creativity, children will be engaged in crafts work such as making mushroom houses with clay and ocean gardens. They will also be challenged to whip up delicious food like snowskin mooncakes in various shapes, healthy toast sushi and rice balls.

Not forgetting positive values such as filial piety and remembering what our parents have given us in life,  children will learn the hardship of parents in giving birth to them and in bringing them up through the skilful guidance of our volunteer teachers, games, videos and sketches. 

Sounds interesting? So send your children to our classes! Sign up now!

The registration for 2018 children's class is now opened to children between 5 years old and 12 years old in 2018.

✴ K1 - K2
Sunday  9.30am - 11am, commencing 14 Jan 2018

✴ P1 - P6
Saturday 4.00pm – 5:45pm, commencing 13 Jan 2018

The children will learn Buddhist teachings, Confucius ethics, moral education through story-telling, singing, creative art work, games, etc. 

Or obtain application form at Monastery Service Counter. (Registration deadline:  30 Nov 2017)

☎For enquiry, you may call 65471580 or 96610423 (Ms Tan Lay Leng)




儿童假日何处去? 请来吉祥宝聚寺星期天儿童欢乐营。









✴ K1 - K2
星期日 9.30am - 11am
开课日期 14/1/2018

✴ P1 - P6  
星期六 4.00pm – 5:45pm
开课日期 13/1/2018

以轻松活泼方式, 学习佛典、贤圣经典、德育故事、歌唱、创意手工、游戏等。

或向寺院服务处索取报名表格。 (报名截止: 11月30日) 

☎询问热线, 可拨 65471580或96610423(陈丽玲)