Do you know? The theme for this year’s National Day Parade (NDP) is “#OneNationTogether”, a rallying call to unite all Singaporeans to stand together as one. 'One Nation' is to remind Singaporeans that regardless of origin and background, we belong as one people and one nation. ‘Together’ emphasises the importance of unity in times of uncertainty and represents a call-to-action for all Singaporeans to overcome the odds together.

For the first time in NDP, the hash symbol (#) has been incorporated into an NDP theme, #OneNationTogether, enabling Singaporeans to share the rally call through social media. The “#” serves as symbols of unity and home, and draws a close resemblance to the iconic image of four interlocking arms found in our nation’s first Orchid series $10 note launched in 1967. This also symbolizes our nation’s strength in social unity and multicultural harmony. “#” is also a familiar feature in Singaporean home addresses, and is synonymous with the idea of home.

On our nation's 52nd birthday, BW Monastery joins all Singaporeans to come together as One to wish our beautiful country a very prosperous and "Happy Birthday".




国庆庆典主题也首次融入主题标签,也就是英文俗称的“hash tag”(#),让国人在社交媒体上响应号召。同时,符号也是全民团结和家的象征,紧握的手臂反映了我国多元文化社会的和谐共处以及对我们家园的归属感。庆典标志上四只手臂相扣的概念来自1967年发行的本地10元钞票,“井”字符号也是我们新加坡政府祖屋里门牌的标志,对国民来说是生活的一部份,是家的体现。



Happy National Day to all of you!

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《国庆祝贺语》 国庆日以及吉祥宝聚寺开幕典礼即将到来,在此祝您“国庆节快乐”! 同时,我们也衷心的感谢您们一路来为吉祥宝聚寺的全心全力的付出及鼎力支持,期待您我一同携手创造另一个高峰。

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Ven.ZuDao National Day greetings!

National Day greetings!

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