【Listening 听闻 】What are you here for? 来这里干什么?


【LISTENING】 – What are you here for?

There was a great Venerable Master named Ying-guang (印光⼤師) who locked himself in a retreat and prostrated to Buddha. Of course, most of us Buddhists respected him greatly. At that time, some people would visit him out of admiration, but not all of them were Buddhists. There was one intellectual person who went with his friends – they were all well-known at that time – to visit Venerable Ying-guang, and some non-Buddhists came along. This intellectual scholar asked, “Venerable Master! Your Buddha statue is made of wood; it is carved out of clay and wood. Why do you worship it?” What was Venerable Yingguang’s reply?  ”It is made out of clay and wood, but I am not!” Do you understand what this means? Of course, that [statue] is made of clay and wood, but I’m not!

The same principle applies here. His teachings may not be correct, but I am not like that! I came to learn from Buddha. Let me ask, do you want to learn from Buddha? What are you here for?” [If you have come] to learn from Buddha, if it is for the sake of learning from Buddha, then you need to think positively.


10A 19’30” Vol 2 of Master Jih-Chang’s Discourse P47 LL1
English Lamrim Vol 1 P57

日常师父法语📡10A 19’30” 手抄稿第2册P47 LL1

听闻 : 来这里干什么?