【Listening 听闻 】Seeking the Teachings with reverence 佛法恭敬中求


【LISTENING】 – Seeking the Teachings with reverence

Concentrate our entire energy on this and only on this, this goal should be set very clearly. So this is to say, our worldly academic study is for us to obtain a degree and make money. Buddhist study is the same, to seek what? It is to attain the effect of final nirvana. The entire mind is concentrated on arriving to this goal. This does not mean that I listened to the teaching and, a couple days later, I will teach too – and teach like a great Dharma Master – that’s not it! This pure one-pointed [practice] is required, followed by a pure faithful mind in addition to paying respect. So within the pure faith there is respectfulness; there is also focus with reverence. This reverence has an important, absolutely important function! From beginningless time, [we] are circling around this attitude of “me.” This “me” definitely arises with the ego, definitely comes with pride, definitely has a view, and definitely has ignorance. The view is your perception, and then the rest are latent habits. Thus, as long as this arrogance is there, no matter what other good qualities you possess – Buddha Dharma will not enter, it will certainly be unable to flow in! So, hearing requires focus, faith, and respect. Listen with this attitude!


10A 13’30” Vol 2 of Master Jih-Chang’s Discourse P45 L1
English Lamrim Vol 1 P57

日常师父法语📡10A 13’30” 手抄稿第2册P45 L1

听闻 : 佛法恭敬中求