【Listening 听闻 】Turn around and look within ourselves immediately 赶快回头看看自己


【LISTENING】 – Turn around and look within ourselves immediately

Never look for others’ faults. Not only should we not look for the teacher’s faults, but also anyone else’s. Now we say that not applying the teachings to practice is not good! This is because [our] latent propensity is already very, very weighty. Yet our tendency to align with the teaching is not there. Day in and day out [we are] constantly in a state of mental distraction, just like that. For any tiny disturbance, your eyes will…oh, follow it! Then, whatever [we] see is nothing but others’ faults. The problem is right here. Due to this flaw [of fault finding], we see things in an erroneous way. And then we argue and create [nonvirtuous] deeds; it all arises from here. So there is only one solution – to turn around and look within ourselves. Once you see clearly, needless to say, you would dare not see the faults of your teacher, not to mention looking for anyone else’s faults! How would you have time to look for that? When you see your own faults and are hell-bound, wow, that boiling pot of oil, that mountain of blades is waiting there for you. How can you have time to take a wrong step! That pot of oil is waiting there for you. Therefore, “the mind is not in concordance with the Dharma due to this. May I diligently confess and remember this well!”


10B 05’00” Vol 2 of Master Jih-Chang’s Discourse P55 LL4
English Lamrim Vol 1 P57

日常师父法语📡10B 05’00” 手抄稿第2册P55 LL4

听闻 : 赶快回头看看自己