Celebrating Our Graduation from 14G012Y to 19Z111Y


Our class had a gathering on 31 Aug morning to celebrate our "graduation" from 14G012Y to 19Z111Y. This marks our 5th year together as a class. It is a proud moment and a major milestone for all of us in our Dharma journey in this lifetime.

Other than bonding and having lots of fun with one another, we also performed many virtuous deeds in the process. We adapted a game which allows us to have a quick revision on certain Lamrim topics and made vast offerings with our potluck lunch. Furthermore, since the Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner, we also handmade mooncakes for the venerables of BW Monastery! We are very thankful to Jasmine and Wilson of HEYP for assisting us with the packing and offering of the mooncakes to the venerables.

Throughout the 5 years of Dharma learning, many of us grew not only mentally but also spiritually. We learn how to apply what we learnt in the Lamrim in our everyday lives, improving ourselves day-by-day. The insights gained from the Lamrim has improved our perspective towards events that we encounter in life as well as how we react towards them as we understand that there is a cause behind everything that has happened in the past, is currently happening or is bound to happen in future.

Collage 2019-09-07 00_44_39.jpg

As the saying goes, ‘Every ending is a new beginning’. As we reflect on what we learnt in the past 5 years, we are set to start a new phase afresh in our journey towards happiness. Let us all continue to blossom as we delve into the immeasurable depths of wisdom of the teachings of Master Tsongkhapa, our Master and Guru.