Meeting with Venerable Ben Si on 9/6/2017

The meeting with Venerable Ben Si added depth to our Friday Dharma sessions. 

With his friendly and calm composure, the Venerable started off with his personal sharing on our teachers’ hard work, meticulous planning and their foresight in transforming the once humble Buddhist group into a monastery for all students, family and friends to learn, contemplate and practice Buddhism.

There are more and more Buddhist Scholars who do excellent translation work nowadays. Hence, many Buddhist’s lengthy Sutras were translated into accessible reading materials, which create more awareness on the great work done by the Great Buddha.

Venerable Ben Si also talked about the significance of Buddhist Retreat. He said it will be a great way to trigger personal exploration and re-connection with Buddhism.

In addition, the Venerable also talked about the importance of having a good teacher. A good teacher is one who not only teaches and explains but most of all, inspires all sentient beings to cultivate wisdom and compassion. He reiterated that the Buddha’s teachings are at all time tested and universally applicable, even in this modern world. It is through that constant cultivation of wisdom and compassion that we will stay happy at all times regardless of external unfavourable factors. 

The attentive audience also field their questions. The Venerable shared his insights on the significance of Buddhism, the theory of Impermanence and the importance of the Triple Gems.


The sharing from Venerable has left everyone a night of contemplation, that is towards a better and enriching life. 

By Glenda Tan

(Monitor of Class 16A008E)