Class Bonding Activities in Month of May 2017

Bilingual classes keep our learners active and bonded together through many forms of activities, and one of them is to celebrate our birthdays together!

Our care coordinator, Brother Jason Ong, very kindly reminded the class reps and prepared a white chocolate cake for the class.

For this month, we gather to celebrate and give well wishes to 4 birthday boys and girls. 

Although the birthday boys were not present during the celebration, they received heaps of blessings and wishes from us!

To our surprise, one of the birthday boys, Albert, who is also the assistant facilitator of this class turned up just before the dedication. 

As always, he announced his arrival with a ball of great energy! He says “come over to dedicate my merits!”

The class is due-to-be 1 year old this coming June. We have accompanied each other through laughter and sorrows and in the process, gained many brothers and sisters on our Dharma path. They are virtuous friends sent by the Master who never stopped encouraging and reminding us that there is warmth at this spiritual home.

Let us rejoice with their joy in learning and may everyone gain blessings through our diligent practice of the Master’s teachings!

May all sentient beings enjoy the nectar of the pure Dharma.

Class: S16A009E