Rejoice Collectively over 2 Virtuous Deeds

On 3 April 2017, class 14G022E rejoiced collectively over 2 virtuous deeds. Firstly, our class monitor arranged for a special pre-wedding celebration for one of our new members Mr Calvin Boey who is getting married to Ms Lara Tan on 25 April. She brought a cake to the class together with 2 bottles of non-alcoholic champagne and a balloon to celebrate with them during our tea break. 

Secondly, we rejoiced the great efforts put in by our team of 8 flag sellers: Shirley Lim (care coordinator), Martin Tang, Stephanie Tan, Chen Li Fung, Irene Tan, Andrea Matterson, Tan Choon Hee and Frank Lee. Some of them planned in advance by appealing to their friends and relatives through the social media for advanced donations. On the day itself, they took donation pledges through calls or whatsapp messages from their circle of classmates and friends. It helped that they were in town and could easily withdraw the amount pledged from a nearby ATM machine to be donated to their respective tins. That’s a good way to do a donation drive! Rejoice everyone!

By Ho Mui Peng (Class 14G022E)