It is as if a Sudden Spring Breeze in the Night that Brought Thousands of Pear Trees to Bloom


I was once worried about what I should do if I could not meet Master Jih-Chang.  Let me tell you the two eternal words – “To supplicate”. When you supplicate fervently to a certain degree, it [your supplication] will definitely materialize. Do you believe it? This is something that cannot be prevented or separated by a person, or matter, or time and space, do you believe? Supplicate fervently, supplicate endlessly day and night, and then supplicate unwaveringly on every matter and absolutely do not doubt and say, “Has my Teacher forgotten about me?” This thought should not and must never arise.  Then, your supplication will materialize very quickly. Do you believe it? In the course of coming and going for everyone, I feel that it is due to the intertwine of karmic forces. I have used my life to practice and fulfil this point. It is through this fervent wish for my Teacher that l will surely meet him soon!

It does not matter how far you are away from your Teacher or how much suffering you feel; when you truly and sincerely call out to your Teacher whom you rely on and have faith in, you will really receive the strength! You will receive unprecedented blessings! I feel that you should really try it; no matter what you have encountered and how your present state is, your life will really transform and turn out differently.

I feel that karma is created by oneself. Every teacher with great compassion, even if he is extremely faraway in another world, he can still hear my innermost fervent request. I kept supplicating continuously, supplicating continuously: “Please support me, please teach and guide me!” One day…… I often used to say: “It is as if a sudden spring breeze in the night that brought thousands of pear trees to bloom” (see Translator Note at the bottom)The Excellent Teacher seemed to have suddenly descended from the sky and appeared right before you.

We must learn together, “Rather than let the problem frighten us to death, it is better to rise and strive against it till the end!”  This was what I bellowed at my destiny in my darkest moments.  It is true. Instead of letting our negative karma trample on us, why not rise and trample on it?

Instead of living every day in tears, sorrow and despair in that miserable destiny, why not rise and pulverize it? Let reality materialize as you wish! Why not follow the methods that Buddha has taught us – make offerings, eliminate obscurations and accumulate merits, amass blessings and happiness, and become a person with great karmic rewards; your aspiration will then materialize! If your karmic rewards are scant, all your aspirations will not materialize. Hence, you must properly make offerings to the Three Jewels.

Supplicate! Supplicate repeatedly. Believe me, this is cause and effect! If you plant this cause accordingly, the effect will ripen in that way! This is the truth and reality.

How should we supplicate? It means to place this matter in our hearts, keeping it in our mind at all times, be it in the day or night, eating or walking, supplicating continuously day and night. In addition, do not give up when we meet difficulties,  persevere, have courage and willpower; persevere on unremittingly. Until the very moment our goal materializes, we must persevere on. Then, we will definitely learn together!

In a nutshell, that is a matter that frequently hangs on your mind; regardless of how you are or whatever you are doing, you are thinking about accomplishing this matter! The aspiration will soon materialize. Confide repeatedly in the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and your aspiration will materialize quickly. Take note, this is of extreme importance!

[Translator note: This is from a poetry verse that depicts snowflakes being blown by the winter wind, which resembles blossoming of pear tree flowers (white colour) everywhere in the spring. An expression of having joy and warmth in the heart and mind while being in the cold winter.]

Translated and reviewed by Chan Lai Mei, Wong Mi Kuen, Chong Lee Hiang, Chiang Sheau Huey, Dawn Chen, Adeline Tay






我觉得业是自己造的,所有具有大悲心的上师,他即使在非常非常遥远的他方世界,他也可以听到我内心中炽烈的祈请。我不停的祈请、不停的祈请:”请您摄受我,请您教诲我!“ 有一天……我常常用说:”千树万树梨花开,忽如一夜春风来。“ 善知识好像忽然从天而降一般,就在你面前出现了。