Auspicious Experience in Yuan Xiao Jie

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To my pleasant surprise, Fortune Blessing (English) had the similar segments of what we do in class, e.g. recitation of Heart Sutra, Mandala Offering, Dedication, etc. Before the chanting, Venerable Ben Si mentioned the benefits of the recitation, and I liked the explanations bestowed.

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 The volunteers prepared three colored packets of food offering for us to offer to deities, dharma protectors and karmic creditors. How auspicious I could have a chance to offer food sincerely to thank the dharma protectors, to practice compassion for the beings in the ghost realm, and also clear obstacles in the offering. Thank you and rejoice with all the volunteers for their hard and heart work in the preparation!

 Our class would like to make contribution to the BWM’s general fund and Sister Kwee Lain let me filled in the donation form on behalf of our classmates. I also offered again happily on that day using my CNY Hongbao. Thereafter, with the other Sisters, we did dedication for all sentient beings to achieve ultimate happiness.

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 My Dharma Sisters were very caring and gave me bread to munch on before we did the recitation of Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra which I have not tried before. The global recitation of the sutra was led by the Venerables in Taiwan. Their recitation was skillful and presented clearly via live telecast. We could read easily from the screen and recited together in a BWM’s classroom.

 I have to admit that I could not keep up with the recitation. But it was a new and blessed experience for me and I am grateful to be part of it!

 By Faye Yeo (15G023E)