Ren Ri Celebration

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Sharing by Two Brothers

Sharing by Lai Chie Kai (12G017E)

We had a memorable and meaningful CNY celebration on 22nd Feb, Ren Ri, the 7th day of Chinese New Year. According to Chinese customs, Ren Ri was the day human beings were created. On that birthday for everyone, we had Lo Hei and steamboat at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery.

Upon arrival, we went to the Hall of Universal Brilliance to pay respect to the three Buddhas with two mandarin oranges and flowers. When majority of attendees arrived, we proceeded to the nearby dinning hall for our lunch.

It was a fun filled moment for us at the traditional tossing of Yu Sheng. Auspicious phrases of good health, fortune, abundance dharma wealth etc. are said to wish ourselves and everyone a blessed year of the dog ahead!

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After lunch, we went to Hall of NO Form to pay respect to Shakyamuni Buddha and circumambulated the majestic Buddha three times. It was encouraging to have Sis Christine carrying her baby, Pan Jing, completed the serene walk with us. We rejoiced with the three elderly mamas for their enthusiasm in the circumambulation too, though two of them are on their wheelchairs.

We also paid respect to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas at Medicine Buddha Hall and Hall of Great Compassion. In the latter hall, there is a statue of Avalokitesvara (Thousand arms Guan Yin), we sat in front of Guan Yin, and chanted Heart Sutra three times. To end the day outing, we dedicated the merits accumulated via obeisance, offerings of food,

flower etc. to the wellness of all our families, relatives and friends. We dedicated to all sentient beings for obtaining ultimate happiness too.

Finally, I would like to say a big Thank You to our facilitator Kwee Lain who joyously organized the gathering for us.  Also, thanks to Sister Susan Gwee who made the delicious dessert - healthy jelly, and Sister Alice who made the orange cakes for Renri celebration.  

Not to forget to thank the loving presence of all our Virtuous Friends. Thirty-three of us had a jolly good time together including our little lovely Pan Jing. I am sure all of us are looking forward to next year's HUAT AH!! 

Sharing by Ong Wei Young

I only drop by at Thursday Bilingual Lamrim class with my mum whenever I am back in Singapore three or four times a year. As an infrequent attendee, I am yet quite familiar with the classmates as I am always make it a point to attend the class during my trip back home.

On Ren Ri, I was treated to a nice surprise when the class was taken outside the classroom. We had the chance to visit the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See monastery for a satisfying vegetarian lunch, followed by a short tour, prayer and dedication session. It was so blessed that my grandma was able to join us, despite the inconvenience of needing a wheelchair to move around.

It was great to see the familiar faces in a relaxed and joyful festive setting. I am very happy to see more students and their family members were involved in the spiritual activities. It was a great company and great food for all to enjoy and savour.

May 2018 be a blissful and peaceful year for all. Rejoice with everyone! 

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