CNY celebration at our classmate house

Our class of SG12G019E had our Chinese New Year celebration on the 24th of February 2018 at the home of one of our classmates. It was a pot luck with some of us bringing along their specialty dishes. Reflective of our multi-racial and open society, there was Thai Tom Yum soup, Korean Chap Chye and Tang Hoon, Singapore fried Bee Hoon, Malay fruit Rojak, Chinese dessert Cheng Teng and our care co-ordinator’s signature Yu Sheng with strawberries (yes, they go very well with the other ingredients).


We did our vast offering to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and ended with our usual dedication of merits accumulated to all sentient beings so that everyone’s karmic obstacles could be cleared.

As timing was between breakfast and lunch, we dug into the food immediately after that, starting of course, with the customary Lo Hei. After a sumptuous meal, we listened to Ri Chang Shifu’s discourse on the varieties of Karma and reflect on it. Our monitor also gave a short speech wishing everyone happy during the festive season. All of us did our round of Little Virtuous Deeds too before we started our game session.

The first game was a competition to see who was the first person to spot all the differences between two similar pictures. Initially there were some confusion as not everyone was familiar with the game. One of our elderly students even commented that the photocopier machine must have run out of ink because one of the pictures had faded lines that seemed incomplete when compared with the look-alike picture next to it, giving away the first answer to people who heard her. Another student mistook the extra run lines coincidentally made by the not-so-perfect photocopier to be one of the differences when compared to the second picture. Despite the blunders, all of us had a good laugh and eventually we had our winners.

We also had a lucky draw where everyone got a gift to bring home. Finally, we had another competition where everyone was given 3 attempts to blow a ping pong ball across the tops of 3 overturned paper cups into the 4th paper cup. It was a bit challenging and not everyone was successful. Nonetheless, all of us had fun. Soon, it was time to go home and we helped our friendly hosts to clean up the table as much as we can. We bade each other goodbye and looked forward to gather again the following week in class for our usual Lamrim lesson.

Time has really flown by. It was our 6th Chinese New Year celebration as a class together. Over the past 6 years, our class members had changed. We had classmates who left but we also had new additions to the class. Come what may, may we all stay as dharma brothers and sisters life after life until we attain the state of Buddhahood.

Penned by Marry

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