Insightful Praise Performance 17G006C


Our class (17G006C) has been practicing weekly for the past one month. Though we had a very short time to learn and to practice our chosen insightful praise “ Take Refuge ( 皈依頌)” , I enjoyed every practice session.  I can feel the joy and inner peace growing inside me whenever I sing this insightful praise. 

This afternoon was the insightful praise performance day that I looked forward to.   Fellow dharma classmates and class monitors gathered an hour earlier to rehearsal and fine tune our singing.  Despite audio technical difficulties, we sang with joy; showcasing our newly acquired talent.

During the opening speech by Venerable Ben Si, he explained the meaning of singing insightful praise and its merits.  I could then resonate with my experience of the little 'joy' growing inside me during our practice sessions or when I practice on my own.  Never had I felt this way and I finally understand its power. 

Looking back, I am really thankful to our late Venerable master Ri Chang Shi Fu, Zhen Ru Lao Shi and Sanga Community for the monastery and Dharma community where I have the opportunity to learn, practice, realize and share.

 Pen by  Lynn Tan ( 陈碧玲)  September 08, 2018

MRD 忆师恩Tan Pik PingEng