Deep Gratitude To The MRD Video Production Team

OMAK to all the Video Team members of BWM Media.

OMAK to all the Video Team members of BWM Media.

Dear Bro & Sis of Video Team:

I'll like to express my thanks to all of you for the sharing & guidance for the past months, especially brother Joel, from when I join the team, you have been giving me chances to learn, especially the production of the Happy Family's video for MRD 2017, 不知天高地厚的我竟然接受这我从没做过的任务, I faced a lot of difficulties which I had never ever faced before in my life, from getting appt, doing interviews, scripts, filming to editing, every stages to me are 不可能的任务, and I really felt very sorry to all and even thinking of giving up, but 看大家这么用心指导我,我不敢讲。关关难过关关过,现在回想起来,其实在整个过程里面,我的确学到很多。Bro Joel, whenever I get stuck, at any stages, you are always there to guide me even at very late hours, 或许您会觉得我很烦,或沒能理解您向我表达的东西,使您很懊恼,您的用心,我有感觉到,我真的有用心在学习,以上几行字 might not able to express exactly, but I sincerely just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.


OMAKBW Monastery