A Heartwarming Farewell


When Brother Cheng Yap had no choice but to step down from his main monitor role due to his work commitment, our class decided that there could be no better way than an OMAK session and the sending of blessings to wish him all the best in his endeavors. Besides having the honor of having a sangha member grace the occasion, it was especially meaningful to have Venerable Bensi as our invited guest because Venerable Bensi himself was the one who invited Brother Cheng Yap to take on the role as our main monitor a few years back.

Our classmates took turns to OMAK Brother Cheng Yap for his commitment to the class, his strong silent support when we needed his help and his ever-calm disposition regardless of any situation. Despite his busy schedule at work, Brother Cheng Yap is punctual for class and is prepared to share his knowledge with us.

Farewells and goodbyes are always tearful and hard to bear, but then being the wise one as he always has been, Venerable Bensi shared with us a different perspective about this farewell, using the analogy of the V-formation that geese make when they fly.

The goose at the front of the V-formation leads the flock so that it cuts through the resistance of the air, and the other geese will have an easier time with the resistance. When the leader goose is tired, it steps back into the formation and another goose will take over at the front. Once the leader goose is re-energised, it goes back to the front to lead the flock again. This analogy struck a chord in our hearts, as our classmates have always been united and shared close bonds with one another, like birds of the same feather flock together.

Thanks to our wise venerable, what could have been a sad and tearful farewell became a most heartwarming session when we held hands with one another while chanting the Medicine Buddha mantra with our blessings to Brother Cheng Yap.

Being the ever-conscientious monitor that he always has been, Brother Cheng Yap has these words for us too –

“Examine and I am very sure you will find the improvements because of this great complete Dharma that we are learning, reflecting, putting it into practice and benefiting from the Dharma.

Imagine the amount of effort you have put in in the previous lifetimes to be able to receive the fruits in this lifetime. So be kind and be wise to yourself - don't give up learning this great complete Dharma under the guidance of the Gurus.

It will be very difficult at times and not easy but it is very meaningful, worthwhile and not an impossible task because you will conquer your negativity and move towards supreme happiness, good qualities and be forever free from miseries using the Dharma.”


Brother Cheng Yap, we will be looking forward to your return to the front to lead us again——