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盂兰盆报恩供佛供僧三昧水忏法会- 地藏经下卷

  • 吉祥宝聚寺 大殿 1 Woodlands Drive 16 Singapore Singapore 737764 (map)

“佛说盂兰盆经”佛曾言:「以百味饭食,安盂兰盆中,施十方自恣僧,願使現在父母,寿命百年无病,无一切苦恼之患,乃至七世父母离饿鬼苦,生人 天中,福乐無极。是佛弟子修孝順者,应念念中。常存父母,乃至七世父母。」盂兰供僧功德回向之力,能使供养者,往昔七世父母,六亲眷属得远离三恶道,現世父母及其本人,长寿无病無恼,衣食自然具足,身心安乐。


The significance of Ullambana Puja is to advocate filial piety, and to repay their parents’ kindness in upbringing them, for which children who make offering to the Sangha can help their parents to gain auspicious merits, longevity and blessings. They can also dedicate the merits to their departed parents for their liberation from the suffering of the miserable realms, to gain happiness. At the same time, one can also recall the great qualities of Triple Gem. We warmly welcome you to participate in this dharma assembly with us!