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Woodlands District - Buddhism Discussion Course - Module 1 & 2 (Bilingual) Duration: 1 Year

  • BW Monastery - Room 305 1 Woodlands Drive 16 Singapore 737764 (map)

Module 1 - Synopsis

Why is it some people have such a smooth sailing life, the wisdom to manage their life and relationship well? How do they manage to do that?  If I already have all these? How can I make them better? In this module, we will learn how to listen to and communicate with others to improve our relationships. How by listening well and relying on a good teacher will help us to gain the wisdom to manage our life better. Furthermore, we will learn what are the opportunities and resources we already have and how do we fully utilise them? What are the different paths we can take to help us to reach our potential and achieve the type of life we want.

Module 2 -  Synopsis

What can I do in this lifetime to ensure my present and future lifetimes get better?

Module 2 provides the guidance for a person to achieve this. This includes the following:

1) Developing the positive drive to prioritise and make the right choices, by being mindful that death can come anytime and what's in store for us after death.

2) Going for refuge to the Three Jewels as the surest means to achieve happiness in the present and next life - the why, what and how

3) Understanding how to manage our life well by knowing the law of cause and effect, including effective ways for overcoming the results of wrongdoings we have done.

Date: 17 February 2019 (Sunday)
Time: 3pm - 5pm (Once a week)
Venue: BW Monastery - Room 305
1 Woodlands Drive 16 Singapore 737764