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  • 吉祥宝聚寺 大殿 1 Woodlands Drive 16 Singapore 737764 (map)
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1. 地藏消灾化障明灯 - $88
2. 福慧迎佛十供(祈请佛菩萨降坛加持演法而至诚献上欢喜十供养,普供十方法界)- $108
3 吹大法螺,请佛说法
  (吹大法螺 ,燃大法炬,众生得度) - $38
4. 供福寿花灯-回向父母福寿安康 - $30
5. 供莲池花灯-回向累劫父母往生净土 - $30
6. 供心灯  - $10 ~ $688
7. 回向文 -  $5 (列3名)

▪莅临寺院付款 / 信用卡线上付款
▪截止日期 : 9 月7日 2018 (星期五)

内容 Programme:
🍁地藏忏 Ksitigarbha Repentance
🍁佛前大供/ 广修供养 Grand Offering

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva holds a pearl in his left hand to show the way to heaven, and a monk staff in his right hand to force open the gates of hell. With great aspirations, he will only attain buddhahood after all beings have been liberated. On Ksitigarbha’s birthday, let us remember his great compassionate aspirations, and make repentance. Welcome Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva by offering lights, flowers, Dharma Conch and Ten Offerings. These merits can be dedicated to our parents and parents of past lifetimes; may they attain peace and happiness.

1. Light of Ksitigarbha to Eliminate Obstacles - $88
2. Welcome Buddha with Ten Offerings (with Ten Offerings, sincerely welcome Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in ten directions to be present to bless the puja) - $108
3. Sound the Dharma Conch, Request for Buddha to Give Teachings (sincerely offer light flower conch, light up the Dharma torch, may all beings be liberated) - $38
4. Bliss and Longevity Flower Lights
(dedicate merits to parents for good health, bliss and longevity) - $30
5. Flower Lights in Lotus Pond
(dedicate merits to parents of past lifetimes to be reborn in Pure Land) - $30
6. Light Offering  $10 ~ $688
7. Dedication of Merits (3 names) - $5

▪Payment can be made at BW Monastery or online (credit card)
Closing Date: 7 Sep 2018 (Fri)

Earlier Event: 9 September
Exam Blessing Puja