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HEXA Movie Chillout #9 [Work Hard, Play Hard Edition]

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Movie Chillout Session is back for the 9th time with an optional Study/Work Session! 👍💪😎

Clock 2hrs of study/work time and reward yourself with a blockbuster movie! 🍿

Let’s aim for a fruitful day of hard work and fun! See you soon!❤

Date: 25th Aug 2018, Saturday
Study Session(optional)✏: 1-3pm
Movie Chillout🎉📽: 3-6pm
Movie Rated: PG

Venue: Level 4, Hall of Jewels, BW Monastery
Address: #1 Woodlands Drive 16, 737764


A note from the HEXA Movie Chillout Team:

To make that the Study + Movie session a pleasant experience for all, please take note of the following points:

(A) Study Session:
1. Bring along your own books, homework and reading for the study session.

2. Observe silence at all times to minimise disruption to others who are studying.

3. The use of handphones is discouraged during the study session to reduce distractibility and help the individual stay focused and on task. Everyone puts their phones face down at the center of the table for the entire duration of the study session.

(B) Movie Session:
1. The ratings of the movies will be stated on BWM’s website and Movie Chillout publicity posters. Individuals who choose to attend the session(s) should use his or her discretion in deciding if the movie(s) is appropriate for his or her viewing.

2. For movies that are rated PG-13, attendees’ age may be verified at the start of the event. Attendees who do not meet the age requirements may be requested to leave the event.  

3. Each attendee will be issued one snack pack redemption ticket upon registration. Snack packs are limited to 1 per attendee and each ticket is valid for a one-time redemption only. Free-flow drinks are provided on a self-service basis.

4. Individuals who display disruptive and inconsiderate behaviour may be asked to leave the event by the Organizer.

We seek your kind understanding on the aforementioned points. Let’s play our part to make the event a memorable and pleasant one for ourselves and others, shall we?

With love,
HEXA Movie Chillout Team