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HEXA MOVIE CHILLOUT #6  (Work Hard Play Hard Edition)

(Work Hard Play Hard Edition)🍿🍿🍿 

Movie CO #5 (1).png

Hi Everyone! We know that school has just kicked in, therefore we will be organising a study session (optional) along with our next Movie Chillout👍

Clock 2hrs of study time (with free snacks, drinks, aircon and friendship provided!) then reward yourself with a blockbuster movie💪🎉 

Join us for a fruitful day full of hard work and fun! !❤😍😃 

Date: 30 June 2018, Saturday
Study session(optional)📒✏👓: 1-3pm
Movie chillout🎞🎥🎬: 3-6.00pm
Screening: The Greatest Showman

Venue: Level 4, Hall of Jewels, BW Monastery
Address: #1 Woodlands Drive 16, 737764