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  • 吉祥宝聚寺 1 Woodlands Drive 16 Singapore 737764 Singapore (map)

浴佛遇佛来吉祥 普贤十愿聚福海

法会曰期: 2018年5月26日~ 2018年5月29日 (4天)


2018年5月26日~ 2018年5月28日 : 9.00am - 8.30pm

2018年5月29日 : 9.00am - 7.30pm

地点: 吉祥宝聚寺
No. 1 Woodlands Drive 16. Singapore 737764

@免费午餐 (11:00am-2:00pm)


🍁 迎请悉达多太子,传灯弘法在吉寺
▪26/5(六) - @10.30am-12pm



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Happy Vesak @ BW Monastery

Welcome all devotees to Buddha! On this special week, let’s experience how the Great Buddha attain enlightenment through practicing “Ten Great Vows of Samantabhadra!”
26/5(Sat) - 28/5(Mon) 
Venue: BW Monastery
Time: 9.00am - 8.30pm

Experiencing the meaningful practice of Ten Great Vows of Samantabhadra.

First Vow: To Pay Homage and respect to all the Buddhas
Second Vow: To praise all Tathagatas ( Thus-Come)
Third Vow: To Make Offerings to all the Buddhas
Fourth Vow: To Repent One’s all karmic obstacles
Fifth Vow: Rejoice in the Merits of Others
Sixth Vow: To Request the Buddha to turn the dharma wheel
Seventh Vow: To Request that the Buddhas Remain in this World
Eighth Vow: To Follow the Teachings of the Buddhas At All Times
Ninth Vow: To Accommodate and Benefit All Beings
Tenth Vow: To Transfer All Merits and Virtues Universally


      ▪ 9am - 7.30pm
           Experiencing the Ten Great Vows of Samantabhadra.

        At the same time we have the following programmes:
      ▪6am - 8.30am
            3 Steps 1 Bow

           Buddha Relic Grand Entrance

          88 Buddhas Repentance & Grand Offering

  Welcome everyone to join us at Happy Vesak 2018!