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三天 吉祥灯会 点亮智慧 2018 BW Monastery Auspicious Lights Festival

  • BW Monastery Shrine Hall 吉祥宝聚寺 大殿 1 Woodlands Drive 16 Singapore 737764 (map)

Buddhists also believe that offering light is an especially quick way to accumulate merit and to receive blessings. By making light offerings, we collect merits to being born in a higher rebirth, in a pure land. Hence, we will be able to be liberated and attain Nirvana more quickly. It is mentioned in the Sutra of the Arya Loving Kindness:

If you offer 1,000 light offerings, or offer flowers 1,000 times; if you offer 1,000 blue upali flowers to stupas or make statues of Buddha, when Maitreya Buddha shows the holy deeds of enlightenment in this world, you will be born in front of Maitreya Buddha at that time.

So let’s grab the opportunity to make 10 000 light offerings as we venture into 2019! Join us on this three-day auspicious event and gain vast merits for a better tomorrow!





Date: 29 – 31 December 2018 (Specially tailored to different groups on different days)


Dec 31st Event Highlights: All Students 在籍学生

I am going to start school soon, I hope everyone can have a good start!

Everyone is welcome to pray for wisdom and meet the challenges of academics, interpersonal relationships, and life aspirations! 快开学了,愿大家能有吉祥的开始!


  • Collective lighting for wisdom  集体供灯求智慧

  • Venerables Blessings Ceremony (Conducted in English) 法师加持(备注:法会以英语进行)

Remember to bring stationery such as textbooks and pencil cases to receive blessings.记得带上课本、铅笔盒等文具来领受加持

Wisdom Stations Activities 寓教于乐的跑站活动


Follow me 请你跟我这样作:

  • offering of sutras 供养经典

  • chanting of mantras 持诵文殊咒

  • memorizing of words of wisdom 背书

  • 抄经(sutra copying心经

  • proverbs of wisdom广学多闻

  • venerating the dharma jewel 恭敬法宝

Plant the seeds of wisdom through a guided way now, look forward to its blossom day. 广学多闻、恭敬法宝是种下智慧的正因,快快下种才能有收获的那一天!