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Exams are around the corner and I believe many of us are feeling the stress! We hear you and thus, this coming Youth Ministry Service, we will be supplicating to Manjusri Bodhisattva, the embodiment of transcendent wisdom, for blessings of strength and wisdom to overcome exam stress and ace our exams!

Understanding that you might need a venue(with aircon, free flow drinks and tables and chairs) to mug for your exams, we are opening up one of our comfy rooms in the Monastery for you to study too after the Puja! Free and conducive plus you will have company! 

Itinerary for the Day:

  • Exam Blessing Puja: 930-1030 (Your punctuality is much appreciated. Please kindly bring along your pencil cases and notes etc for them to be blessed.)
  • Venerables Caretime: 1030-1130
  • Lunch: 1130-1230 (Lunch will be provided)
  • Mass Mugging: 1230-430pm (Please bring your study materials for mass mugging!)😊

Venue: BW Monastery, Grand Shrine Hall, No. 1 Woodlands Drive 16, Singapore 737764. 
For directions to get there, 

Let's overcome exam stress and help one another during this stressful period, shall we? 🌈 You are not alone!

Hope to see you and from the bottom of our hearts, we wish you happiness. 

With care🌈