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吉祥宝聚寺来临活动通告 Notice of BW Monastery Upcoming Events

  • 吉祥宝聚寺BW Monastery 1 Woodlands Drive 16 Singapore 737764 Singapore (map)










Without everyone's support and trust, it is impossible for BW Monastery, akin to a pagoda filled with precious gems, to be built on the auspicious land in Woodlands. 

In order to repay the kindness of all beings, BW Monastery has organized many activities, seminars, sutras recitation, blessings puja, viewing of Buddha relic etc, since its official opening, to allow everyone to be showered with the nectar of the pure dharma. 

In the last week of August 2017, the monastery continues to hold many more activities:

1. Dharma Seminars: from 23-25 Aug (Wed-Fri), 7.30pm-9pm, there will be Chinese Dharma seminars on topics like, The Phenomena of Life, True Records of Cause and Effects, and How to Correct Our Mistakes and Be Virtuous. 

2. Discourses by Sangha: On the night of 28-30 Aug (Mon-Wed), from 7.30pm-9pm, the Venerables will be giving discourses to the public titled, The Art of Listening to Dharma (Bilingual), Beyond the Limit of Tolerance (Bilingual), and Establish the Right Aspirations.

3. English Discussion cum Seminars: On 26 and 27 Aug (Sat & Sun), from 2pm-3.30pm, and on 31 Aug (Thurs), 7.30pm-9pm, there will be 3 discussion cum seminars in English on the topics such as, Buddhism in Leadership, Ace Your Examination Through Learning Dharma, and How to Improve Communication Skills (in the order of respective dates).

4. Puja (Chinese): 88 Buddhas Repentance Puja on 25 Aug (Fri), 7.30pm-9pm and Auspicious Puja on 27 Aug (Sun), 8am-9am. 

5. Puja (English): Auspicious Puja on 26 Aug (Sat), 4pm-5pm, and 27 Aug (Sun), 9.30am-10.30am, total of 2 sessions.

We welcome everyone to join in the above Dharma activities to accumulate merits and rekindle the wisdom within.