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皈依后应如何做(华) What's Next After Taking Refuge (Chi)

  • 大殿 Shrine Hall 1 Woodlands Drive 16 Singapore Singapore (map)

""皈依,是不是接受皈依仪轨得到皈依证后,  就如取得"passport"" 一样,可以在修行道上通行无阻吗?


Tan Tong Eng

Born in 1960
Graduated from National University of Singapore – Bachelor’s Degree in Physics
Multi-Award Winner of “Millionaire Club” and “Excellence in Leadership” in Insurance Company
Involved in writing up the “Seven-Year Main Plan” when S’pore Civil Defence was newly set up
Pursued Buddhist Studies led by Master Jih-Chang since 2001
Former Head of Department for Kindness Propagation and Head of Dharma Propagation and Class Monitor in BW Monastery
Chief Executive Officer of BW Monastery from 2007-2016
Present Lecturer of BW Monastery, Managing Committee Consultant, Head of Lecturer Group, Head of Sangha/Bliss and Wisdom Edupark School Care Group


1986-2001 开始长期修学汉系,藏系,南传各类佛法。
2001  追随日常老和尚专修<菩提道次第广论>等
2003 开始指导佛学课程,居士提升课程,