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When someone hurts us, be it through harsh words, mean actions or simply a disapproving glance, we think that these people hurt us intentionally. We feel that they could have not done so but they chose to. What if Buddha tells you, he/she has no free will and he/she did not choose to hurt you?
In the upcoming service, we will learn the practice of patience through shaking our belief that “He chose to hurt me and he is to be blamed”.

Date: 2nd July 2017, Sunday
Time: 1030-1230 (Reception starts at 1000, Service proper will commence sharply at 1030. Your punctuality is much appreciated!
Venue: KH Plaza @ Aljunied, 12 Aljunied Road 389801, Level 3, Room 1.

Let's learn to happy folks, shall we? 

Hope to see you and from the bottom of our hearts, I wish you happiness. 

With care