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2017礼千佛法会 Thousand Buddhas Prayers Ceremony

  • BW Monastery 吉祥宝聚寺 @ Citiraya Centre 30 Lorong 27 Geylang Singapore, 388164 Singapore (map)







日期 :6月26日 ( 星期一)

时间 :上午9时至下午5时

地点 :伟城中心三楼佛堂 ,二楼,KH Plaza level 3

流程 :由法师带领拜忏,佛前大供


▪合家祈福花灯献供-每份 *$30* (限写一名) 共 *200份* 先报先得。


▪即日起可到伟城中心交款,付款截止 :6月20日

▪ 交款方式网上有详细说明

▪欢迎咨询:李淑宾 65471580 /91377319

🌈 2017 Thousand Buddhas Prayers Ceremony

Causality of Repentance:

In the “Sutra of the Names of the Three Thousand Buddhas”, Buddha mentioned that: when Shakyamuni Buddha was a renunciate, upon hearing the names of the fifty-three Buddhas, he felt tremendous joy. Hence, he expounded to 3,000 people about the benefits of prostrating to the fifty-three Buddhas. The benefits could eliminate the five heinous deeds and ten non-virtues; the heavy sin of the four prohibitions and the heaviest sin of blasphemy without basis. Consequently, amongst the 3,000 people who prostrated to the fifty-three Buddhas daily, 1,004 people attained Buddhahood.

Significance of repentance:

Repentance – like dharma nectar, is able to clear our obscurations; enable us to reach the liberation shore of Nirvana; remedy our afflictions and overcome our darkness of ignorance.

Benefits of repentance:

Repentance has incomparable auspicious benefits!

In today’s society, sentient beings continuously engage in creating the sins of killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, developing attachment, hostility and ignorance. These not only cause suffering from the effects of law enforcement, but also from future retribution. Thus, if we can earnestly and sincerely repent, our weighty nonvirtuous karma will be mitigated, while the lighter ones will be eliminated. Our virtuous roots can then be enhanced. Aspiring to develop Bodhicitta will eliminate our nonvirtuous karma. We hope to receive blessings from all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, to enable us to clear the defilements in our mind and reinstate it to its pure state.

Date: 26 June (Mon)

Time: 9am to 5pm

Venue: Citiraya Centre level 3, level 2 and KH Plaza level 3

Programme: Ceremony will be led by Venerables, followed by vast offering.

Offering items:

▪Blessings for Family Flower Lamp (limit to 1 name) - $30 each, 200 sets available & while stocks last.

▪Please scan QR code in the poster or click on the below link to register

▪ Payment can be made from now onwards at Citiraya Level 3.  Closing date: 20 June

▪Information on payment mode and other details can be found in the online form

▪Enquiry: Ms Li Shu  Bin/ 65471580 /91377319