Bliss Lion: How Digital Marketing Can Scale Your Business?


With the changing of time, the way of marketing for companies has changed tremendously, it is not based on newspapers, fliers etc hardcopy materials anymore. The most trendy and effective way now is digital marketing. But does it mean simply by posting the information online, it will be effectively capturing our potential customers?

To help members to know more  about digital marketing, Bliss Lion invited Mr Jereme Wong to give a seminar about "How Digital Marketing Can Scale Your Business" on 25 Mar 2018 at BW Monastery.


Jereme Wong is the Chief Operating Officer of clickTRUE Pte Ltd, an online marketing


agency. Prior to clickTRUE, at the age of 21, Jereme co-founded Hardware Zone, the leading online tech website that is very popular among Singaporeans. The company was later acquired by Singapore’s largest media group - Singapore Press Holdings in 2006. With more than 18 years of experience in the media and advertising space, Jereme had shared some important points of which most of the businesses do not really notice.

Below are some feedbacks given by the members:

Mr New Aik Keong (Property Agent): "Thanks to the speaker that tells us the difference between creating just a website and getting LEADS. And also from just getting leads and actually converting them into sales!!"

Mdm Fiona Ang 洪俪娟(前烘焙中央厨房设置供应商): "感恩黄仲翔讲师,分享数码营销的经验及创设各案例为模范, 唤醒中小企业者必须跟着趋势,改进营销构架并利用广告讯息找突破,当公司遇到瓶颈时,创业者须提升思维及改变经营方式。很棒!"

Mdm Nancy Chua (Designer cum Brand Management): "He skillfully led us through the Framework and Trends, emphasizing on the mistakes to avoid and the reality that usually overrides our usual expectations. It was a time well spent as he taught us the process of how to “Hunt, Engage and Capture” the target audience relevant to Business Growth in sales and revenue!"

Bliss Lion is a networking group of BW Monastery, which gathers the entrepreneurs and professionals together once every month. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact Freddrick Lee @ 65471580.

 How Digital Marketing Can Scale Your Business?

How Digital Marketing Can Scale Your Business?