BW Monastery hosted 1st Joyfeast in Woodlands!

Joyfeast, with its humble beginning in Geylang, is a social community project to offer free vegetarian meals to the public on the 1st Sunday of each month. 

It was an overwhelming success, totally unexpected by the organiser with aturnout of about 1,200 people. The huge crowd who came were from all walks of life and of all ages from infants carried by their parents to elderly folks on walking sticks. 

Even before the opening at 11:30 am. a queue had formed at B1 of the monastery and our volunteers scrambled to finish their final touches to the warmers for 3 dishes from a caterer and organic dang-gui soup prepared by our kitchen. Everyone - staff & sangha chirped in to welcome and ensure that all our guests who stepped into the monastery grounds were taken care of.

Rejoice all visitors to Joyfeast who can be blessed by Triple Gems through this ocassion and all BW Monastery monks, nuns and members who generously volunteered their time!

By Lee Hui Ling

See you all at our next Joyfeast on

1/10/2017, 11.30am-2pm,

Monastery grounds, B1, 
1 Woodlands Drive 16.