3 December 2017 Joyfeast @BWMonastery 

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-03 at 11.21.17.jpeg

On 3rd December, the 1st Sunday of every month, BW Monastery once again hosted the Joyfeast - a free vegetarian lunch to the public.

About 1,200 visitors, of all ages including volunteers came. They queued patiently for their buffet meals. A special  highlight of the day was mushroom soup lovingly prepared by volunteers of BW Monastery served with French loaves.  

Kind acts were evident throughout the event.  An importer nearby who heard of our new Monastery, donated cartons of packet soya beans of various flavours to Joyfeast. 

Kudos too to our volunteers who went about their task happily - serving food, drinks and even did their part to save the earth through collecting the plates and cups. 

We welcome you to our next Joyfeast on 7 January 2018!