Nurture generations of sterling youths who will see to the propagation and proliferation of Buddhism and these game changers will transform their lives and others’ into one of light, influence and inspiration.

Our Story

HEXA is the youth wing of BW Monastery. The omnipresent chemical structure of the Hexagon, from which our name is derived, symbolizes the ubiquitous teachings of Buddha, the Enlightened One. Emulating the Buddha, we aspire to embody the teachings in every moment of our lives and realise true happiness for ourselves and others. Tessellating perfectly, we will be proof that a solid community of like-minded, compassionate and committed people can change the world. Because it is the only thing that ever has.

hexa's EOY Party... MERRY FIESTA!


The Musings Collective

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                      KH Plaza Level 3

                      12 Aljunied Road

                      Singapore 389801

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