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Venerable Jing Yuan

Born in Malaysia Kulai town in 1962 and subsequently moved to Singapore with his entire family in 1965.

In 1990, he left Singapore and went on to further his studies in Buddhism in Taiwan. In the following year, Venerable Jing Yuan made up his mind resolutely to enter into monkhood in order to repay his parents’ kindness for raising him. He then got ordained under the late Master Guang Hua. 

In 1991,  Master Jih-Chang established the sangha community , Venerable Jing Yuan assisted in the organization of many Dharma propagation events, pujas, seminars, as well as the many Buddhist activities overseas.

In 1994, he took on the role of Senior Venerable in the Sangha and went on to become the Abbot of Feng Shan Monastery in 2000.

In 2002, he actively pushed on the development of Buddhism education in Singapore and Malaysia over the years. Venerable Jing Yuan is currently BW Monastery’s Abbot.

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1962年出生 1990年前往台湾修学,隔年于广化老和尚座下剃度。 1991年追随日常老和尚建立僧团,参与各类法会、讲座、海外弘法等。 1994年开始担任僧团上座,2000年担任凤山寺住持。2002年积极推动新马佛法教育。 2015年筹建吉祥宝聚寺,并担任指导法师至今。