Auspicious Beginning, Auspicious Life

Every year on May 20th, all believers of the Buddha rise early to gather at the temple for one occasion: To celebrate the birth of the Enlightened One. This day is also known as Vesak Day.

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Six Reasons You MUST Visit BW Monastery This Vesak Day

This year, BW Monastery has a host of events lined up to mark this important occasion.

Here are six reasons why you will have to drop by to celebrate with us:

1. See the Buddha in person.

Seeing the Buddha’s relics is as good as seeing the Buddha himself, according to the Lotus Sutra. But few have had the opportunity to do so, and it’s even rarer for anyone to be able to see it up close. So, cherish this golden chance now because BWM is one of only few places that will bring the relics right in front of your eyes!

2.  Conquer your troubles.

Victory Banners are one of ten offerings named in the Lotus Sutra you can make to the Triple Gems and symbolise the “victory of overcoming afflictions”. This Vesak Day, bask in the grandeur of the Victory Banners designed and handmade by our volunteers as you continue on your journey to conquer your worldly troubles!

3. Bathe the Buddha.

Buddhists believe there is one very important thing we must do every Vesak Day: Giving the Buddha a bath. This is seen as a re-enactment of – as legend has it -- when divine beings showered sacred waters upon the Buddha when he was born.


Simply scoop scented, blessed water and pour it over the standing image of baby Prince Siddhartha (the Buddha-to-be) as you would when bathing your child. A simple action such as this signifies the purification of your body, speech and mind as you continue on your spiritual journey and helps you to gain immense merits.

4. Pay homage to the Buddha.

This Vesak Day, join us as we embark on the Three-Steps-One-Bow ritual to express our gratitude and show reverence for the Triple Gems. This ritual is so named because devotees bow in full prostration – kneeling and touching your forehead to the ground -- once every three steps they take as they march around the temple grounds. Doing so helps us to gain immense merits and eliminate obstacles, so it’s definitely a must-do if you’re facing troubles in your life right now!

5. Explore local delights with a healthy, vegetarian twist.

Vegetarian food doesn’t have to be boring. Here at BWM, we have a knack for creating fun, delicious snacks! This Vesak Day, our chefs have their knives sharpened and ready to whip up your favourite local delicacies like leicha rice, laksa, mee rebus, satay, nyonya kueh, chendol and durian pancake. The best part? You won’t have to worry about your waistline!


6. Plan ahead. Plant the right seeds for a better next life.

Plan ahead. For life after death.

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? The Buddha has the answer: Reincarnation.

To ensure you don’t come back with a life you might not be fond of, you should act to guarantee a better afterlife now. This Vesak Day, let’s pick up good habits the Buddha says we should have through fun and interactive games in order to achieve a better next life!

See you at Auspicious Vesak Day 2019

18,19/05/2019 9am-8pm and 20/05/2019 9am-7pm

Venue: BW Monastery

Note: 19,20/05/2019 3 Steps 1 Bow 6.30am-8.30am at B1

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