Taking One Step Forward


I was heading home from Outram MRT one day and came across this lady who looked like she was in her thirties. I noticed that she was dragging her feet as she walked and I thought she was sick. It would be pitiful as she looked so young. After checking with her, it was actually her shoes which were causing her to drag her feet in an awkward manner. The soles of her shoes had almost come off, affecting her movement.

As I still had a tube of UH glue in my bag after an activity, I immediately offered it to her. My past experience using this glue in similar situations and helped to hold the soles to the shoes at least for some time. But before applying it, I also asked if her shoes were very expensive in case the glue might cause further damage. Without hesitation, I squatted to apply the glue on her shoes as she could not do it herself.

Upon reflection on this episode, it seemed that doing virtuous deeds has become an automated action now. This transformation could not have come about without the Lamrim teachings and this particular aspect being emphasised by Teacher on doing virtuous deeds as often as possible. Although it takes time to inculcate this into our daily life to become a habit that is second nature to us, it is possible with consistent practice. Hope this sharing will encourage each and every one of us to practice more diligently to make it a better world for you, me and all. Rejoice!

By Joyce Tang (15G023E)

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