Buddha, let me find goodness!

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I accept that my suffering now is due to my ignorance which created the entire past evil misdeed. I am blessed to learn that reciting Universal Gate Chapter, Heart Sutra, Thirty-five Buddhas repentance and Great Compassion Mantra can purify my bad karma. The recitation is my daily practice now. I supplicate earnestly to receive blessings from Buddha and Bodhisattvas as I wish to start afresh.

Before starting on chemotherapy, I thought to confine myself at home for the next three months. But one fine morning, I decided to come out and to be accompanied by a few classmates to have a nature walk. With all positivity and I get recharged. My restlessness dissipated.

I am grateful to learn supreme Buddha’s teachings in Lamrim family which I am receiving care and concern from compassionate Fashi and virtuous friends.

Thank you very much!

By Striving Heart

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