Bonding over Dharma, Potluck and Durian


On 5th of July, 18Z087E had the class’ first vast offering cum get-together of the year. With the grace of the Triple Gems, the class saw an almost full attendance that night. Kudos to all classmates for making efforts and time for this get together.

The facilitators and students brought their own food offerings and did the set up. The variety of food spread was fabulous, including a variety of vegetarian finger food, drinks, tidbits, fruits etc.

After the vast offering, the class tucked into the scrumptious food while mingling and catching up with one another. It was a joyous and relaxing occasion as everyone got to know each other better.

The 2 hours passed by swiftly and it was time to clear up to head on for more extended bonding over durians. Some students had other commitments and so had to leave but this did not dampen the joyous mood for the rest who continued the bonding session over the sweetness of the King of fruits.

The class realised that while class lessons helped all to understand Dharma principles, it is bonding that will help to put into practice the care, love and concern for each other. It is indeed not easy to walk the path alone, so therefore it is all the more important for virtuous friends to foster the spirit of cohesiveness to hold hands to make it achievable and easier to walk the path together!

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