Special Monday!

Today is a special day! It’s 01 July 2019. It’s Monday!

It’s Lamrim S14G007E class in action day! No books no theory.

Our night was spent fruitfully, we did:-

  • Pre Recitation

  • 35 Buddhas Repentence

  • Vast Offering

  • Recorded a video wishing Venerable Bensi Happy Birthday :)

  • Recorded a video wishing Auntie Joo Hiang Happy Birthday :)

  • Commence MRD 2019 project, Theme: Bodhi Family Harmonious Home (菩提眷属,和乐家园)

  • Post Recitation

  • Dedication

Master Remembrance Day, MRD project has been a yearly activity for the Lamrim classes and through this, we are able to contemplate the purpose and benefits of our studies and consciously note down our little changes in line of Buddha Dharma, all this would not have been possible without Shifu, may we always remember his kindness and treasure them.

The best way to reap the benefits of Dharma is when we use it in our daily lives. It will shine through our smiles and actions. We are grateful of Shifu and Laoshi’s guidance to the Buddha teachings. We will continue to strive in this direction of clarity with compassion and wisdom.