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30th June was a special day for Bilingual class students of S15G023E at Clementi.  This was the day when we welcomed two lecturers Mr Tan Tong Eng and Dr Pua Hwee Leng to come and share with us their learning journey of Lamrim.


Lecturer Tan began by posing a few questions.  Among them were:

 a) what motivates us to come for class every week? 

 b) between 知易行难 and 知难行易, (literally means Knowledge or understanding is easy while Application itself is difficult and vice versa), which one do we believe in?

Answers like “how to be a better person”, “I want to learn the teachings life after life” and so forth came instantly to the first question, but it was somewhat thought-provoking for most of us for the second one. 

While many felt that the acquiring of knowledge is easy but to put it into practice is not, we were surprised contrary with his illustration of Master Ri – Chang’s analogy of what would we do when we experience an earthquake.

Lecturer Tan shared another fruitful life experience of receiving blessings from Master Ri-Chang when he first went to Taiwan for a retreat.  All of us have our own thoughts and beliefs which in turn form our own expectations.  These expectations would most often lead us to see things from our own perspectives and not from the other party’s.  In a worst-case scenario, expectations may even defy the teachings we have gained.  In the case of Lecturer Tan, he realized and learnt later that there can be many ways of receiving blessings --- not so much as having one’s head being touched and blessed, but as long as we believe in the lineage masters and that our gurus are always with us and imparting the teachings and right views.

We were amazed at how Dr Pua who shared her account of getting into Lamrim study, truly put the OMAK teachings into practice in her work as a Pediatric Anesthesiologist.  Not only had the mum with an autistic child been calmed, but the uproar at her workplace was being managed as well. 

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To us Lamrim students, we know OMAK is well taught in Lamrim studies and a very powerful tool which is applicable to all individuals and circumstances.  Any misunderstanding and conflict can thus be resolved so long as we are willing to see the good of others. As mentioned by Dr Pua, the Lamrim entails a structured learning approach and shows us that the path of high status rebirth is already paved for us.  There are numerous invaluable teachings which we can apply in our daily lives and it is really up to you and me to explore, learn, apply and treasure them.


The class of S15G023E is sincerely grateful to the two lecturers for being present and sharing their wisdom with us. Rejoice with them. We look forward to more such sessions.

Written by Tong Boon Ying (15G023E)

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