My Happy Living, Blessed Business Journey

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“Life is beautiful” — this was the phrase that inspired my business partner and I to start our beauty venture 9 years ago.

However, it wasn’t always a smooth-sailing journey, especially not when we first started. This was perhaps due to lack of experience and more importantly, not understanding the RIGHT way of aligning to our business mission then.

Fast forward to 9 years later, we are currently in the midst of opening our 2nd branch. This time with a clearer Mission in mind: A virtuous business that allows us to establish wide and good relations. Through the focus of benefiting and improving the lives of others, I do hope to accumulate merits towards Buddhahood.


If not for my virtuous Teachers and their unwavering guidance and support over the years, I wouldn’t be here today. In fact, I would honestly never have ignited such spiritual aspirations for my personal life and my business.

Running a business does come with various obstacles, and I am extremely grateful for learning Lamrim, as it played a huge role in supporting me through trying times — both physically and mentally; and it even paved the way to expanding my business.

The support of my virtuous friends from my weekly buddhism classes were another huge pillar of support in my journey. They constantly guide me in growing myself spiritually, and to consciously choose to be a better version of myself daily. Today, they witness me achieving yet another spiritual milestone, and its truly heartwarming to have them be a part of this blessing ceremony today.

I would also love to specially thank Venerables Bensi and Daoci, for being a part of this purification process; leading everyone in the blessing prayers and for the inspiring discourses they shared. I feel immensely blessed to have shared such an important part of my life with support from this very important and virtuous group of Teachers and friends.

In this journey of running my business, I am extremely grateful for my supportive business partner, my hard-working staff who always put their heart into all that they do, and for my lovely, loyal customers who are more like friends to me. What more can I ask for?

As the proverb goes “佛氏门中,有求必应” , I strongly believe in following the right path to plant well-intention seeds, for it will thus lead me to a “Happy Living Blessed Journey”.

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“生命是美丽的”,这是我和股东在9年前一起创办"My Cozy Room" 时所持的信念。

“佛氏门中,有求必应” ,我坚信只要播下善的种子,就会得乐果,让我的生命越来越吉祥幸福!


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