The Best Gift for a Blissful Marriage

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Dear BW Monastery,

On behalf of our family, we would like to thank BW Monastery for a wonderful marriage solemnization ceremony. The setting and the decorations were all fabulous!

We were fortunate to have our marriage solemnization ceremony witnessed and blessed by the Buddha and the Three Jewels, family and friends.

Thank you, Venerable Ben Wen, for your inspirational message and reminded us to be patient and be forgiving as well as be understanding towards each other throughout our life. The ceremony continued with further chanting and blessings from Venerable Zu Dao, Zu Guang and Zu Hong.

Venerable Dao Ci, Dr Pua Hwee Leng, Sister Lin Hui Ling and Sister Tay Puay Jee, we know you did a lot of behind-the-scenes work and we are extremely grateful.

Once again, we thank everyone’s outstanding efforts on last Saturday, as we celebrated our special day with families and friends. It was a truly memorable weekend for all of us.

With thanks, Summer & Zhi Qiang