We Must Stay Steadfast On The Course! Class 18增087E

On 14th June, the class of 18增087E had the honour to have Lecturer Soen and Lecturer Yun Rong to come by and share their learnings with us.


Lecturer Soen recalled that her first learning experience as a monitor, her hands and legs were trembling so badly that the mic in her hand was also shaking. Gradually, with practice and encouragement from the virtuous companions, she overcame her fear.

Some time later, Abbot Jing Yuan requested her to become lecturer. Initially, lacking the courage she was not so receptive. Subsequently, she understand the compassion of the Abbot that given their age, they no longer have the required energy to meet the demands to run the monastery. The lecturer role allows them to have more time to learn and also through the learnings, contribute back by propagating the dharma further to benefit others. Five years on, she is steadfast on this course and vowed to do more to spread the perfect teachings further! She shared that she will be reluctant to step down from this role even if someone requires her to do so. On this point, she further shared that this is actually her attachment, and she will be ready to step down anytime when needed.

From her learning experience, she advise on the importance of: If you lack the wisdom, you must know how to follow the right teacher. However if  you have the root virtue, you will definitely know how and who to follow. Just like all of us who have continued to follow to learn Master's teachings. 

- Sharon Lim


"Very encouraging & inspiring talk though Sis Soen is more well -versed in Chinese, her command of English is commendable for her age. Learnt lots from them to persevere & follow our Shifu & Teacher regardless of our ability. Its a long road of many life times & we should accumulate as much merits & eliminate afflictions daily. Never give up attitude is the way to go. “ Just do it! “ - NIKE tagline"

- Lily Wee