Ushering in NEW YEAR with “HEART SUTRA”


Dear friend,

I am tardy in retrieving emails, as mum’s condition really knocked us children out; in fact she has also knocked my dad out too.

The hand-written copy of HEART SUTRA was mere small things I could do, to wish for goodness for you, given generosity and warmth that had helped me along the way to sort out the pursuit of new career and the wellness for my mum. I have also learnt to chant from memory by now the HEART SUTRA; such that I could chant for friends, family members and good souls I come across e.g. committed and caring doctors who helped my mum once and again. While I am on the road, commuting too.

I feel good, to be able to do so. For one, it keeps my mind clear/focused, and not wild and convoluted. For two, I can create well wishes for these good souls that surround me.

I have a thought from observation just yesterday, when I returned from hospital to home alone. The streets in Orchard area was buzzing and people were busy making merry and consuming the lights, sounds and colours.

I realized I was once part of this busy crowed a few years back. Before my mum’s current episode, I was looking forward to join this crowd with a couple of friends this festive period. But suddenly I realized, even if I hadn’t been caught up at hospital, I might not blend in this dazzling atmosphere anymore after the encounters of impermanent in the past few years.

Thank you for your sharing of the “HEART SUTRA”, and showing the strength of receiving each new day with hope and gratitude.

I wish you good health and happiness with the arrival of Lunar New Year.

With Love

BWM’s friend

sharingLow Yam TngEng