The Caring course is back! 关怀课程温馨重返!

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Although there was a three-month break, the participants returned to attend the Care course on 23 Oct 2019 with much enthusiasm. The course was conducted for students who lived in the East, Northeast and Geylang districts, who want to develop skills to help and care for self and others who need support at the various important stages of their life, using the Dharma.

The programme started with the chanting of Prajnaparamita Sutra, that served to plant the causes of perfection of wisdom.

What followed was the watching of a short heart-felt clip which showed what a family went through when their beloved family member was terminally ill, and at the last few living hours.

As a caregiver, how do I face such situation and apply the Dharma?

The end of one’s life is followed by the beginning of another. If we continuously train ourselves to accept death as part and parcel of life, a natural process, it will be easier to face it when it comes.

So what do I have to do now? By listening to the Dharma and paying close attention to, and care for the people around you, love from our heart will grow and it will extend out from our heart, which helps to establish a positive mindset, as we strive toward the goal of Supreme Enlightenment to benefit all beings.

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虽然间隔三个月,学员都踊跃出席23/10/19 晚上特为住在东、东北及芽龙三区的学员,举办的关怀课程。