Filial Piety & Well Wishes For All Parents


Today was the last day of Ullambana Samadhi Water Repentance Grand Puja, which advocated filial piety to parents, and for our parents to be blessed with kindness, longevity and good health.


It was a memorable event as everyone else got to be blessed by the protection of Triple Gem, and made offering to the dedicated Sangha.

As we know that negative karmic causes and conditions would result in the fruition of suffering, so today, we were fortunate to be led by Venerable Bensi to sincerely repent all the negative actions that we have done, not only in our present life, but also from previous lifetimes. Venerable also motivated us to practice virtuous deeds and benefit all sentient beings, especially those in the lower realms by visualizing their presence.


It was a day of great rejoice, as we were also thankful to the volunteers who had spared their precious time to support this event to benefit all beings.

Wei Baolian 17G007C